10 Civil War Generals That Kind Of Look Like Celebrities

Or rather, 10 celebrities that look like civil war generals since the generals were around first. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

1. General Abraham Zabriskie…

ID: 1130575

2. And General Edward W. Hinks both resemble…

ID: 1130579

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

ID: 1130576

4. General Benjamin F. Butler looks like…

ID: 1130567

5. Ron Jeremy

just older, dressed better, and with a more prominent nose.

ID: 1130573

6. General Alfred Gibs seems like a more trim, stout and young version of…

ID: 1130586

8. General Asahel W. Hubbard looks a bit like…

ID: 1130592

9. Leslie Nielsen

ID: 1130593

10. General Hiram G. Berry has a slight resemblance to…

ID: 1130597

11. Seth Rogen

ID: 1130603

12. General John B. Gordon is just an older, world-weary…

ID: 1130604

14. General Pierce M.B. Young resembles…

ID: 1130613

15. Tim Curry

ID: 1130614

16. Ironically, General P. G. T. Beauregard—a Confederate general—looks like an older…

ID: 1130617

17. Matthew Broderick from “Glory”

ID: 1130618

18. General Mansfield Lovell could almost pass for…

ID: 1130620

19. Robin Williams

ID: 1130621

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