23 Looks That Only Denise Huxtable Can Pull Off

Who else could’ve made Theo’s Gordon Gartrell knockoff shirt? NOBODY.

1. Headbands and headwraps:

ID: 1310771


ID: 1314960

2. CRAZY sweaters:

ID: 1310786

Dr. Huxtable wasn’t the only one rocking these bad boys in the family.

ID: 1315151

3. Collars on top of collars:

ID: 1314973

4. The coolest hats like EVER:

ID: 1315000

Only Denise could wear this Tin Man hat and wear it well.

ID: 1315002

5. Speaking of which, turbans!

And this entire outfit for that matter. Fabulous.

ID: 1315259

Again, this entire outfit is fabulous and oh-so-sophisticated.

ID: 1315090

6. Bright makeup:

Would you ever do your makeup like this to a party? UMMM NO. Unless you’re Denise, of course.

ID: 1315017

Would you ever do your makeup like this to a date? Are you Denise Huxtable? NO and NO.

ID: 1315198

7. Oversized plaid blazers:

ID: 1315046

8. Oversized floral blazers:

ID: 1315134

9. REALLY, REALLY long strands of pearls:

And once again, oversized blazers.

ID: 1315058

10. Preppy chic:

ID: 1315158

11. Prep school chic:

ID: 1315183

12. Three belts at once:

She doesn’t just rock one belt for that dress, but THREE.

ID: 1315161

13. Stylish sweats:

ID: 1315168

Denise wasn’t the most athletic Huxtable child, but she still managed to make sweats look cool.

ID: 1315176

14. Tropical-print blouses:

ID: 1315217

15. Oversized blouses:

SO fashion-forward. SO amazing. Denise really loves her clothes oversized.

ID: 1315115

16. Fantastic blouses in general:

ID: 1315233

17. Blouses that look like they’re on backwards:

ID: 1315241

So that the gold chains can hang in the back. Obviously.

ID: 1315242

18. TONS of tulle and fabric:

With a tulle bandage around her wrist because WHY NOT?

ID: 1315245

19. Layers on layers on layers:

This outfit is ridiculous, but she still looks SO cool. Seriously, who else could wear this?! I mean, like SERIOUSLY.

ID: 1315097

20. Huge brooches with feathers:

Pretty in purple.

ID: 1315107

21. Military-style jackets:

On a sidenote, look at that chain. Awesome.

ID: 1315124

Getting down in such a rad outfit.

ID: 1315266

22. Mix-and-match:

Patterns and sleeves FOR DAYS.

ID: 1315083

23. And straight-up matching too:

ID: 1315239

Finally, a friendly reminder of the Gordon Gartrell knockoff shirt that she made for Theo:

Denise Huxtable, Style Icon since 1984.

ID: 1315284

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