Thriller … With Dogs

The internet suggestion box has been answered. Michael Jackson’s epic Thriller video has a canine incarnation. Bwahahahaha!

1. Thriller…with Dogs (Petody)

The Pet Collective / Via

If you take nothing else away from this video aside from, “I immediately need to remake this with my dog, my sick new smart phone with HD video cam, and my neighbor’s dogs,” we hope it’s that you now have the inspiration you needed to finally get your act together to make your pup a sweet as hell Michael Jackson jacket.

See how it holds up to the original below…

ID: 667351

2. Thriller…with Michael Jackson (Original)

Michael Jackson VEVO / Via

The iconic Michael Jackson “Thriller” video will always be the standard for epic choreography. Your editor of this post recalls staying up too late the night of its prime time premiere as a kid in kindergarten, and being surprised to find that every other 5 year old kid at recess the next day had also seen something so scary/amazing. Note to parents…now you can start your 5 year olds with the dog version before working them up to the original.

ID: 666284

3. Making of: Thriller With Dogs

The Pet Collective / Via

How DO you make a dog do the Thriller dance?

ID: 667720

Need more zombie dogs? Check out this Zombie Puppy. It’s the A-pup-alypse!

ID: 666315

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