Kennel No. 5 Brad Pitt Commercial Dog Version

Chanel’s image of elegance has gone to the dogs…but as seen here, high profile dog parodies of fragrance commercials are nothing new…

1. The Pet Collective - Kennel No. 5 (Petody)

The Pet Collective / Via

The Pet Collective strikes again with their latest pet parody (petody), taking aim at the viral sensation that Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercial has become (original seen below).

But dog versions of fragrance commercials is nothing new in pop culture. SNL did a nice job recently imposing just about any other brand on the absence of any point whatsoever in the campaign’s monotone monochromatic mono-everything-ness…even a plug for dog condoms (see below), what can be considered a fond viral cousin to the Pet Collective’s take on the meme here.

Pretentious academics might take a look at the Chanel ad as an open invitation to parody in 2012, even evoking a narcissistic call to action titling it, “There you[tube] are.” If this is the case, the campaign can be considered nothing less than marketing genius. If this is not the case, then…um…wtf?

Most importantly, the dog’s name is Chance, by the way, and he has a frighteningly close resemblance to Pitt.

2. Brad Pitt - CHANEL N°5 Part 1 (Original)

Chanel YouTube / Via

3. Saturday Night Live Brad Pitt Ad III (parody)

SNL on Hulu / Via

Amazing. Full Buzzfeed coverage here.

4. Saturday Night Live - Canis by Calvin Klein (1992)

SNL on Hulu / Via

So the question remains as the meme has begun…will we specifically see more dog versions of this commercial? They somehow seem unconsciously perfect. Perhaps a remnant of this old SNL commercial parody fav from 1992…

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