20 Adorable Animals Wearing Animal Slippers

Pampered pets with the fetchest footwear. But do they like it? A study in power, coercion, and wardrobing.

1. This pug, which looks hella guilty… of something.

Source: From Hop To Pop

2. This dog with turtle slippers. There’s an Adidas shelltoe pun in here somewhere…

Source: From Hop To Pop

3. A bunny wearing bunny slippers? MIND = BLOWN!

Source: Instagram via The Pet Collective

4. On a related note, here’s a dog masquerading as a bunny.

Source: Racked

5. And now it’s a trend.

Source: Womens 9

6. Staying on trend.

Source: Kasjauns

7. And one more for good measure.

Source: Womens 9

8. This dog, which has chicks throwing themselves at his feet.

Source: Womens 9

9. This very patient black lab, who has agreed to pose in oversized bear paw feet and a tie-dye hankerchef…

Source: From Hop To Pop

10. “Don’t judge me until you’ve walked a mile in my paws.” — this cat.

Source: From Hop To Pop

11. The pajamas tip the cute factor here into the red. I. CAN’T. HANDLE. IT.

Source: Womens 9

12. Look at this derpy dog. She’s bahhhhhhhhhhh to the bone.

Source: Womens 9

13. Eager to dance.

Source: Womens 9

14. “Trade with me?” — dog on the right to the dog on the left

Source: From Hop To Pop

15. We’re not really sure what’s going on here (but we like it).

Source: Etsy

16. Down to cuddle.

Source: Imgur

17. This is my power animal.

Source: Look At Me Shirts via From Hop To Pop

18. Newspapers are still a thing?

Source: Conde Nast

19. “The creatures outside looked from pig to cow, and from cow to pig, and from pig to cow again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” — George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Source: Fetchtoto

20. Not even trying here. A bit of effort, please…

Source: Womens 9


Source: The Pet Collective

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