10 Celebrity Mustaches On Cute Animals

Here are 10 of the best celebrity ‘staches on adorable cats and dogs. Because, why not?

1. Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson

The Pet Collective / Via Facebook: ThePetCollective

This kitten thinks his mustache entitles him to all the bacon and eggs you have.

ID: 303381

2. Johnny Depp

The Pet Collective / Via

Look at me! I’m Captain Jack Fido!

ID: 303377

3. Geraldo Rivera

The Pet Collective / Via Facebook: ThePetCollective

Cats have night vision…Maybe this kitty would have found Al Capone’s secret “‘stash.”

ID: 303379

4. Hulk Hogan

The Pet Collective / Via

Don’t get into the ring with this pooch - I hear Hulk’s wrestling skills were all in the handlebars!

ID: 303382

5. Charlie Chaplin

The Pet Collective / Via

:: Silence :: Hilarious, adorable silence.

ID: 303383

6. Tom Selleck

The Pet Collective / Via

Three men and a kitty.

ID: 303384

7. Jason Lee as Earl

The Pet Collective / Via Facebook: thepetcollective

This Golden Doodle is working on his list of all the lawns he’s pooped on…

ID: 303388

8. Salvador Dali

The Pet Collective / Via Facebook: thepetcollective

This cat mustache is… surreal.

ID: 303389

9. Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat

The Pet Collective / Via

Kazakhstanian Retriever comes to America for to meet the Pamela Anderson’s dog.

ID: 303390

10. And this guy…

Handsome Coffee Roasters by The Apple Sisters / Via

He may not be a celeb (yet) but he’s got one stellar ‘stache.

For more awesome animal videos and photos, visit The Pet Collective here.

ID: 303391

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