19 Ways To Knock Somebody Out Without Throwing A Punch

If MMA has taught us anything, it’s that fists are crazy overrated when it comes to a fight. Fists? Who needs fists?

1. …when you have your foot.

2. Or your knee.

3. Or many knees.

4. You can use the floor.

5. Or while touching the floor.

6. Or from the floor.

7. Paint the fence.

8. Wax on…

10. Mister Miyagi style: “If do right, can no defense.”

11. Turn the other cheek.

12. Turn the cheek, then get scared.

13. Ballet?

14. Stay out of the way of cartwheels.

15. Why are you wearing pads? :10 and 1:10

16. Watch the elbow.

17. If this is legal anywhere it shouldn’t be.

18. Shortest distance between two points is…

19. You might just lose your legs.

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