19 Things That Just Don’t Make Sense

Is your brain going “WHAT?!” yet?

19. Puppy…Sushi?

Seriously. Why. Why is this happening.

ID: 1265386

18. Why would a dragon do this!?

Are dragons attracted to cars? Why isn’t it doing cool dragon things like blowing fire and stealing gold…WHY!?

ID: 1265388

17. What would posses a turtle owner to do this?

And where did they find such a little chef’s hat. Wait…what, I don’t care. Right?

ID: 1265391

16. Why? How? Why isn’t this at a bar?

What kind of overalls are these? Is the orange power cord a hazard? What possessed him to do this?!

ID: 1265394

15. Was this even consensual!

Who would agree to this?

ID: 1265397

14. So many questions…

How long has she been sitting like that? Why is she doing that? Was it consensual? Did she ever fall out…WHY!?

ID: 1265417

13. Flowers are elegant, chicken wings are NOT

Who okay’d this?

ID: 1265430

12. This is a CHILD

WHY!? You are messing him up!!

ID: 1265431

11. Who thought this was appropriate?

Seriously who…and WHY!?

ID: 1265433

10. Dinosaurs and Kawaii…do NOT mix

Why would someone spend time doing this!?!

ID: 1265435

9. Who thought this would be a good glamour shot?

Seriously..who and why

ID: 1265436

8. You took a beautiful model and put a worm head on her…

Why!? and how…but mostly why

ID: 1265440

7. Was this woman arrested?

WHY did you leave the house with only your fly kicks, girl

ID: 1265441

6. Just…what…oh my god….

WHY is there a lizard in my bratz beauty salon

ID: 1265442

5. Why are these children acting like douchey 20-somethings

You have at least a DECADE before you need to be acting like this. WHY. STAY YOUNG FOREVER

ID: 1265455

4. This goes beyond weird


ID: 1265457



ID: 1265458

2. Why is this young girl playing to chickens?

Is she in a cult? Do they understand? Are they magic chickens? WHY

ID: 1265460


ID: 1265465

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