15 Reasons Dean Winchester From "Supernatural" Is The Perfect Man

These are just fifteen of the millions of reasons the classic-rock-listening, demonkilling, tall drink of water is perfect. *swoon*

1. He can be a bit of a nerd sometimes

He’s not just a hunk of manly muscle

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2. He can appropriately express his feelings through facial expressions

Most notably, disgust. With facial expressions like this, you’ll never have to second guess if you look good

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3. He looks great in uniform

Okay. He even looks mega hot in a gym teacher’s uniform. Which is something-how many hot gym teachers do you know?

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4. He’s an older brother

When he takes care of his Sam it’s just….adorable. *swoon*

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5. He’s Blunt

Dean won’t be playing any mind games with you

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6. He know hows to defend himself

He can pack a gun, wield an axe, and do a bunch of other stuff. He can totally protect you

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7. Those green eyes…

I mean, seriously, they’re perfect

ID: 1164416

8. He’s Confident

No one wants to date someone that’s insecure

ID: 1164417

9. He’s a good driver

And he always has the best music in his car

ID: 1164419

10. He has a sensitive side

ID: 1164431

11. He has great friends

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Sam and Cas?

ID: 1164434

12. He loves pie

Who doesn’t like sweets!? Imagine all the pie dates…

ID: 1164436

13. He’s extremely protective

And not just of his car or brother…

ID: 1164437

14. He can wear the hell out of a leather jacket

ID: 1164438

15. He’s amazingly hot


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