9 Seriously Good Gluten Free And Paleo Treats

You’ll never feel like you’re missing out with these! Warning: drooling is about to ensue.

1. Dark Chocolate Pistachio Freezer Fudge

The Foodie Teen / Via thefoodieteen.com

Creamy, rich, fudgy - a serious hit of chocolate!

ID: 3563228

2. Chocolate Hazelnut Bars

The Foodie Teen / Via thefoodieteen.com

Cashews, dates, hazelnuts, coconut oil, and dark chocolate in a seriously delicious form.

ID: 3563234

3. French Madeleines

The Foodie Teen / Via rubiesandradishes.com

Buttery and golden, you can impress your friends with these homemade French madeleines!

ID: 3563239

4. Cream Puffs

The Foodie Teen / Via paleoparents.com


ID: 3563243

5. Mango Tart

Rachel Conners / Via bakerita.com

And it’s vegan, too!

ID: 3563252

6. Double Chocolate Mug Cake

The Foodie Teen / Via thefoodieteen.com

Sixty seconds + a few ingredients = double chocolate mug cake. Yes please.

ID: 3563255

7. Seven Layer Bars

Danielle Walker / Via againstallgrain.com


ID: 3563267

8. Chai Poached Pears

The Foodie Teen / Via thefoodieteen.com

I’ll have 473, please.

ID: 3563273

9. Ferrero Rochers

The Foodie Teen / Via thefoodieteen.com

They take a while to make, but they’re so worth it.

ID: 3563275

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