17 Reasons For Zac Efron To Visit BuzzFeed Tomorrow

Zac is coming to NYC tomorrow and we think he should pay us a visit. Here are 17 things he likes that we like too!

1. AT&T Park (Where the San Francisco Giants play)

ID: 240894

2. The Flight of the Conchords

ID: 240896

3. Rocko’s Modern Life

ID: 240897

4. The Wallflowers

ID: 240900

5. The Goonies

ID: 240903

6. Johnny Depp

ID: 240904

7. His little brother Dylan

ID: 240906

8. The Shins

ID: 240908

9. Dumb and Dumber

ID: 240911

10. Death Note Comics

ID: 240913

11. His first celebrity crush Tyra Banks

ID: 240917

12. Western Bacon Jr Cheeseburgers from Carl’s Jr.

ID: 240921

13. The World Series of Poker

ID: 240923

14. Leonardo DiCaprio

ID: 240924

15. The Postal Service

ID: 240926

16. Arroyo Grande High School

Where Zac graduated from!

ID: 240928

17. Australian Shepherds

ID: 240931

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