30 Reasons You’re Loki From “Thor”

Mischief > Thunder.

30. You always make an excellent first impression.

ID: 1950461

29. Sometimes you feel like you and your family aren’t even related.

ID: 1948435

28. Which means you have some pretty serious daddy issues.

ID: 1948477

27. But rightfully so.

ID: 1948700

26. You were an awkward kid.

ID: 1948694

25. Which is probably why you still think kids are the worst.

ID: 1948495

24. You know how to make an entrance.

ID: 1950477

23. And an exit.

ID: 1948486

22. You have the #2 best “Gurl, Please” Face in the world.

ID: 1950164

21. Who has the #1 best “Gurl, Please” Face in the world? Also you.

ID: 1950226

20. (You’re #3, too.)

ID: 1948489

19. Alright, look, you’re just the ultimate in “Gurl Please” Facing.

ID: 1951047

18. You’re almost always the smartest person in the room.

ID: 1948500

17. No one’s jazz hands are jazzier than yours.

ID: 1950210

16. You definitely have some inferiority issues that you try to laugh off.

ID: 1950471

15. You don’t understand the whole yoga craze.

ID: 1950777

14. You just cannot deal with secrets.

ID: 1950484

13. You’re not a relationship person.

ID: 1950548

12. But you still have a way with the opposite sex.

ID: 1948539

11. And you know it.

ID: 1948545

10. You don’t handle rejection well.

ID: 1950554

9. You can’t be cooped up for too long or you get grouchy.

ID: 1948515

8. You know how to work a crowd.

ID: 1950437

7. It takes a lot to rattle you emotionally.

ID: 1950395

6. You’re an excellent judge of situations, even if no one ever listens.

ID: 1950453

5. Inside that tough exterior, you have a lot of feels, it’s just hard for you to express yourself.

ID: 1948684

4. You know how to rock strange accessories.

ID: 1949504

3. Very, very strange accessories.

ID: 1948697

2. Sometimes, and you’re fine with admitting this, you suffer from hair envy.

ID: 1948730

1. But underneath all that insecurity, you know you’re a total babe.

ID: 1950136

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