17 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats Who Are About To Scare You

You won’t see it coming. Ready yourself.

1. Weiner Dog waited, biding his time. Any moment now.

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2. Kung Fu Panda knew they hadn’t spotted him. This would be good.

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3. Snoopy had never been any good at keeping secrets. Today, he would change all that.

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4. The Elf on the Shelf wanted her candy cane onesie for himself. And he would have it.

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5. Kung Fu Panda sees you, even though you don’t see him. Yet.

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6. The Pillsbury Doughboy would not be poked in the tummy for giggles today. Today, he would be the poker.

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7. Spiderman’s hiding place was unconventional, but effective.

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8. Smurf quietly crept up on the group of tourists. Their day would be very smurfy, indeed.

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9. SpongeBob readied himself to pounce.

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10. Hello Kitty tried to look as casual as possible in her yellow airplane.

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11. Spiderman knew the trick to camoflauging was to become one with his surroundings.

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12. Curious George needed that vest, it would match his hat perfectly.

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13. Sock Monkey looked on from afar, quietly advancing, unseen and unheard.

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14. They had all called him lazy. They would rue the day.

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15. The Pink Panther didn’t even blink, he was a master of disguise. His moment approached.

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16. Pikachu knew people wouldn’t believe he was a car for long, he had to act quickly.

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17. Spiderman knew if he didn’t move, they wouldn’t see him. Yet.

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