39 Reasons Why Delaware Is Better Than Your State

First State in the union and first in being awesome.

1. Delaware is AMAZING. It may be so small, you need a microscope to see it on a map…

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2. But you need a microscope to look at a diamond too! That’s why it’s called the Diamond State!

(No historical evidence to that being the origin of the nickname.)

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3. Anyway, here are 39 reasons why Delaware is better than your boring state:

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4. 1. Delaware has mad HISTORY. Check out my man GW crossing it!

(The Delaware River eventually goes to Delaware.)

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5. 2. Actually, Delaware was the first state in the union to ratify the Constitution in 1787. This is Ceasar Rodney, the fastest and the most unfortunate-looking of the founding fathers. He signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776! Dela-What!

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6. 3. The Dutch settled there in 1631! That’s almost 400 years of history! That’s like a European amount of history!

Much older than this Sega Genesis, the oldest thing I could find on the internet.

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7. You’re about to get hit with some DELAWARE FACTS!

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8. 4. Delaware has TAX-FREE SHOPPING. That means 99-cent stores are FOR REAL.

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9. 5. One of Delaware’s state colors is Buff!

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10. That’s this color!

The other color is blue!

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11. 6. Those colors come from the state bird: the Blue Hen, the most hardcore of chickens.

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12. 7. Every single Delaware State Park has an 18-hole disc golf course inside it.

“I’m totally an athlete, brah.”

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13. 8. Delaware’s banking laws are so lenient, they have been compared to the Cayman Islands. That’s why most major banks are headquartered in Delaware.

(This is what happened when I Google Image searched for “banks.”)

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14. Speaking of Banks (who is not from Delaware), get ready for some celebrities who ARE from Delaware!

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15. 9. Ryan Phillippe

ID: 962929

16. 10. Aubrey Plaza

ID: 962934

17. 11. Valerie Bertinelli

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18. 12. George Thorogood and the Delaware Destoyers

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19. 13. That Miss Teen Delaware who made the porno!

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20. 14. Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco played for the University of Delaware.

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21. 15. Hall of Fame Quarterback Rich Gannon was also a Fightin’ Blue Hen!

(Voted into University of Delaware Athletics Hall of Fame in 2005)

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22. 16. And Bob Marley worked at the old Chrysler plant in Newark, Delaware!

Here is Bob leaning on a car he may or may not have made.

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23. 17. And finally, vice president and quality smiler, Joe Biden!

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24. Let’s talk about…

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25. 18. “Dead Poets Society” was shot in Delaware. Right at St. Andrew’s School in Middletown!

“Oh Delaware, my Delaware!”

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26. 19. And “Fight Club” takes place in a fictitious version of Delaware.

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27. Delaware has the least amount of counties, with three. Let’s go through them one at a time.

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29. 20. New Castle County is home to the University of Delaware, one of the best universities for grass lounging!

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30. 21. The Univeristy of Delaware was the first college in America to have a study abroad program. They went to France in 1923 by boat. In your face, World War I!

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31. 22. UD is also home to the Fred Rust Ice Arena. This is the training ground for ice-skaters you’ve heard of!

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32. Like Oksana Baiul!

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33. And Johnny Weir!

The Freddy Mercury of skating.

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34. 23. New Castle County is 45 minutes from Philadelphia AND Baltimore. That means easy access to cheesesteaks…

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35. 24. or blue crabs!

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36. 25. Every summer, Wilmington holds the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, the largest free jazz festival on the East Coast.

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37. 26. Did it start to rain? Don’t worry! New Castle County is also the home of GoreTex!

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38. 27. and DuPont!

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39. KENT!

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40. 28. Kent County is home of the state capitol, Dover. That means Dover Air Force Base. That means C-5’s, the largest military cargo plane in existence!


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41. 29. And Dover Downs racetrack!


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42. 30. On your way, don’t forget to stop at Helen’s Famous Sausage House of the BEST BREAKFAST SANDWICH YOU HAVE EVER TASTED.

Voted by Gourmet magazine as No. 1 place to eat.

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43. Just look.

ID: 963075

44. LOOK!

ID: 963076

That deserves a classy “want” GIF.

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46. 31. You can grab some Helen’s on your way to Dover for Firefly, the East Coast’s premier music festival. Here was 2013’s lineup:

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48. 32. First thing’s first, stop by the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton for a tour.

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49. 33. Then let’s head down to the beach!

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50. 34. Rehoboth Beach was included on Trulia’s list of “Most Gay And Lesbian Friendly Zip Codes.”

Check out the HuffPo article here.

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51. Not bad for the state responsible for Christine O’Donnell.

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52. 35. While you’re down there, stop by for “The Legendary Taste” of some Grotto’s Pizza!

Don’t think of it as pizza, just think of it as delicious.

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53. 36. Then to Doll’y for some saltwater taffy and caramel corn!

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54. 37. Then on to the spookiest ride in the world: the Funland HAUNTED MANSION.


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ID: 966536


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57. 38. Or check out one of the fall festivals, like the Sea Witch Weekend.

Can you find the Sea Witch? Gather the clues, which are little to no help!

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58. 39. Or the greatest fall event in all of modern history:

ID: 966548

59. Punkin Chunkin!

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60. Trebuchet!

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61. Cannon!

ID: 966555

62. PUNKIN CHUNKIN!!!!!!!!

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67. So the next time someone asks you…

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68. You can be like, “DelaRightHere!’

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