57 Awesome, Terrifying, And Endearing Super Mario Cakes

Prepare to feast your way through the Mushroom Kingdom. I’m suddenly very sad I never had one of these as a kid.


Note: Made by a 15 year old. I couldn’t make cakes this cool when I was 15. I still can’t.

ID: 246658

Note: This one is all official-like and in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Terrifying “real life” Mario seems like a poor choice, however.

ID: 247094

Note: And the award for the most horrifying Mario cake goes to…

ID: 247104

Note: Yoshi’s spiked collar worries me. Also, Mario’s eyes.

ID: 247119

Note: The Goomba looks worried. He should be.

ID: 247128

Note: Not so sure about the white balls on top, but the side details are awesome.

ID: 247135

Mmm, edible childhood memories.

How about you folks, ever designed a Mario cake for your family or friends? Found any awesome Mario cake pictures not listed here? Post them in the comments below!

ID: 247209

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