Deconstructing “The Wolverine” Vine Teaser

Because we need something to fill those three days until the full-length trailer is released.

The actual trailer for Wolverine won’t be out until Wednesday, March 27, but fangirls and boys looking for six seconds of sweet relief from the anguish of waiting got exactly that today.

The @WolverineMovie Twitter account released a Vine teaser for the preview of the latest film addition in the X-Men universe.

Here’s what we can surmise from a frame-by-frame breakdown:

ID: 1014760

Watch #TheWolverine exclusive #Vine Teaser RIGHT NOW! https://t.co/khlpaesAqt— The Wolverine

ID: 1014765

Wolverine will be PISSED.

ID: 1014809

There will be samurai sword-on-Adamantium claw action.

ID: 1014892

Wolverine will be puzzled.

ID: 1014823

Wolverine will walk around shirtless, but purposeful…

ID: 1014831

…on more than one occasion.

ID: 1014852

Wolverine will struggle in vain…

ID: 1014827

…while taunted by the villainous Viper.

Played by Svetlana Khodchenkova (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

ID: 1014864

Wolverine’s face will get very close to the face of Jean Grey (and/or the Phoenix?!).

ID: 1014840

Wolverine will try very hard.

ID: 1014890

Wolverine may fall from the sky…

ID: 1014848

…or fly?

ID: 1014870

There will definitely be some midair hand-to-hand combat, in any event.

ID: 1014902

And samurais.

(One will be silver.)

ID: 1014851

The appropriate hashtag is #TheWolverine.

ID: 1014856

The actual film? That won’t be in theaters until July 26.

ID: 1014807

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