Women In Sweden Wear Headscarves After Muslim Woman Is Assaulted

Many posted pictures of themselves in headscarves using the hashtag #hijabuppropet (hijab outcry) after a Muslim woman was the victim of an alleged hate crime. posted on

1. Women of various faiths in Sweden and other countries wore headscarves to show solidarity for a Muslim woman who was allegedly attacked for wearing a hijab in Sweden.

The attacker reportedly tore off the pregnant woman’s hijab and hit her head against a car. The victim’s friends told local media that the assailant also shouted racist insults at her.

The victim told the police she believes it was a faith-based hate crime.

3. Several women started campaigning against the attack using the hashtag #hijabuppropet (hijab outcry).

Check out the #hijabuppropet hashtag - Swedish men & women wearing hijab in solidarity for attacked pregnant woman

On her way to work, one of many Swedish women who wore Hijab today in solidarity with Muslim women #hijabuppropet

It's not about religion, it's about showin support 2 our sisters worldwide wearing hijab #sisterhood #hijabuppropet

In support of Muslim women in Sweden I wear hijab today. Crappy shot but this how I look today. #hijabuppropet

Spent the day wearing Hijab supporting #hijabuppropet Protesting against increased violence towards muslim women!

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