Is This Man The World’s Stupidest Journalist?

Times of India journalist writes “facts” like “women don’t bathe every day” and “breasts don’t like bouncing around.”

Biben Laikhuram is a reporter for the Times of India — the largest English daily in the world. He recently wrote an article titled “Weird, Funny Facts About Women.”

“We all know women are pretty, soft, sexy, and attractive but have you ever imagined another side to them, a slightly unkempt one at that?”

The “facts” include:

1. “Women don’t bathe everyday: Not all women bathe everyday, no matter how much they profess cleanliness and hygiene. They rely on deodorants and perfumes to smell good.”

2. “Women eat a hell of a lot: When men are around, women act like they eat too little. But when left alone she can polish off a full size pizza. Now, we know why women always talk about food and recipes.”

3. “Women don’t like another woman to wear the same dress.”

4. “After sex women still love to be kissed: Men always feel tired and prefer to sleep after sex, but women don’t. They like to talk, fool around, and kiss each other. For a great relationship, men should take note of this.”

5. “Women can spend a whole day before the mirror.”

6. “Women always carry their handbags around: Men must have not noticed this, but women always carry their handbags or purses. They feel awkward if they don’t carry anything in their hands. And we really don’t know what they have inside their bags!”

People took to Twitter to express their thoughts on this fine piece of journalism:

This is actually the stupidest thing I have ever read. I knew I could count on you, @timesofindia cc @reddymadhavan

— margheritamvs (@Margherita Stancati)

@margheritamvs @timesofindia OH. MY. GOD. "More funny facts about women" Here's a funny fact: 100 % of women who read this will be offended.

— reddymadhavan (@Meenakshi Madhavan)

That @timesofindia item is so outrageous that I suspect the author later will claim at it was supposed to be satire.

— bobbymacReports (@Robert MacMillan)

Am hoping this is not from a 2013 newspaper edition: Weird, funny facts about women Alert out to @EverydaySexism

— SarahBrownUK (@Sarah Brown)

Turns out this factually accurate article was plagiarized.

It appears that the offensive "funny facts about women" TOI story may have been plagiarized, reveals @reddymadhavan.

— margheritamvs (@Margherita Stancati)

The TOI then did women a grave injustice by removing the story from its website.

Based on feedback we have removed the story - Weird, funny facts about women - which many people found offensive.

— timesofindia (@Times of India)

Fortunately, there are several other insightful and informative articles by Biben Laikhuram for women to enjoy and learn from:

Breast facts:

The left breast is usually bigger: It’s little hard to notice but the left breast is always bigger than the right one. They are never exactly the same size. Nipples also come in varying sizes, and they also point in different directions.

Breasts can also get blackheads and pimples. So, always take special care of your breasts.

Breasts don’t like bouncing around: Jogging, walking and aerobics can cause your breasts to bounce around. Always wear a proper bra to minimize the bounce, so that you can also reduce your breast pain.

Here’s why women are afraid of sex:

Getting pregnant: Men always prefer sex with their partners without a condom. But it’s a headache for women if they are not ready to have babies. Having sex and pulling out before ejaculating may not be the best way out. And women don’t like to take birth control pills or pregnancy test all the time.

Sex with no passion: Sex without love or passion happens only in porn movies. Men can do it but women can’t.

Facts about why sex is weird and disgusting:

Why kissing is so dirty: When you kiss your partner’s mouth you are almost passing bacteria to each other’s mouths…At the end of the day, French kiss is a gross thing to do.

Millions of sex a day: Believe it or not, everyday about 100 million couples around the world have sex. That means around 65,000 couples are having sex right now. So if you imagine the sheer intensity of the sexual activity, you are sure to find it gross.

Naked bodies make noises: While having sex your bodies rub against each other, and start to sweat, get sticky and even make strange noises. Maybe sex with clothes on is a more hygienic idea.

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