Goth Barbies Are The Best-Selling Dolls In The World After Classic Barbies

NPR calls them “the underfed love children of Tim Burton and Lady Gaga.”

Mattel’s line of creep-chic Monster High dolls are way more popular than good ol’ Barbie. They have names like Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, and Ghoulia Yelps. They all attend Monster High - a school for freaks and enjoy activities like snowboarding. One of them is also vegan.

In just three years, Monster High has become a billion dollar brand, outperforming regular Barbie dolls. Kiyomi Haverly, Mattel’s vice president of design told NPR that they were surprised by Goth Barbies’ success. “We just noticed girls were into darker goth fashion,” she said.

5. Girls were also into this.

6. Apparently little girls prefer fishnets and horn-rimmed “nerd glasses” to blonde hair and beauteous smiles.

Via Mattel

8. All the Monster High barbies have “freaky flaws.” For instance, “plucking and shaving” is a bit of task for Clawdeen Wolf because her “hair is worthy of a shampoo commercial and that’s just what grows on my legs.”

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