12 Awesome “Game Of Thrones” Burns

Surviving in a world where dragons, White Walkers and Joffrey exist? A little condescension never hurt anyone.

1. Ty(ForThe)win Lannister!

2. He gets drunk. He sleeps with whores. He corrects grammar.

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3. Cersei Lannister is a cold bitch. And we kinda like that about her.

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4. But we like it more when Tyrion pwns her incestuous posterior.

5. Ah, sibling rivalry.

6. Tyrion gets schooled by an old lady.

7. As does his father.

8. Who’s got the balls here?

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9. Cersei does not care about what your daddy has to say.

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10. But when it comes to her daddy…

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11. Joffrey gets an earful.

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12. Joffrey gets a fistful.

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