12 Awesome “Game Of Thrones” Burns

Surviving in a world where dragons, White Walkers and Joffrey exist? A little condescension never hurt anyone.

1. Ty(ForThe)win Lannister!

ID: 1212703

2. He gets drunk. He sleeps with whores. He corrects grammar.

ID: 1212727

3. Cersei Lannister is a cold bitch. And we kinda like that about her.

ID: 1212774

4. But we like it more when Tyrion pwns her incestuous posterior.

ID: 1212782

5. Ah, sibling rivalry.

ID: 1212788

6. Tyrion gets schooled by an old lady.

ID: 1212863

7. As does his father.

ID: 1212817

8. Who’s got the balls here?

ID: 1212820

9. Cersei does not care about what your daddy has to say.

ID: 1212827

10. But when it comes to her daddy…

ID: 1212828

11. Joffrey gets an earful.

ID: 1212830

12. Joffrey gets a fistful.

ID: 1212832

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