21 Spicy Ways To Show Your Love For Sriracha

May the sauce be ever in your favor.

Tasmai Uppin / Via BuzzFeed

1. This costume could be your path to true love.

Buy here.

2. She has the stamp of love.

Makes you want one doesn’t it?

3. Maybe a tattoo isn’t your cup of Sriracha. But this great shirt is…

Get it ASAP.

4. And a jacket over the shirt with pins on pins?

Buy here.

5. Care for some rooster socks?

Definitely get it.

6. Or sexy, spicy, stilettos.

Purchase here.

7. Some saucy underwear perhaps?

Buy here!

8. Don’t forget your Sriracha IV so you can come back to life.

9. And a case of Sriracha Vodka so you can get drunk on hot LOVE.

Available at your local liquor store.

10. Here, rest your head a bit. You must be exhausted from all the excitement.

Find this plushy pillow here.

11. All good? Eat some chocolate and drink some coffee.

OMG! Sriracha chocolate available here.

13. Great! It’s date time!

14. Get your nails done, hair done, everything else done.

Nail art available here.

15. Apply some lip balm on those chapped lippies.

J&D’s Foods / Via

Purchase it here.

16. Ok hurry! Your date’s waiting.


Buy this fixed gear bike here.

17. Laugh freely, talk forever, enjoy this rad Sriracha exhibit together.


The next time you’re in LA, don’t forget to visit The Chinese American Museum for this special exhibit titled the L.A Heat Exhibition.

18. Maybe get your bodies painted.

Marissa Janczewska / Via

19. Exchange sweet little nothings.

This cute card can be found here.

20. Fall in love.

Buy this beauty here.

21. Propose with this ring.

Get it here.

Live happily ever after.

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