21 Signs You Are Just Too Darn Nice

You = sugar + spice + everything nice.

1. No one has ever seen you angry.

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2. When people bump into you, you do all the apologizing.

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3. You get sympathy pains when your friend is in pain.

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4. You instantly tear up when you see anyone, even a complete stranger, crying.

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5. You hold doors open for people who are miles away.


6. And graciously let people go ahead of you (with a smile), even when you’re running late.

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7. You can’t stand the idea of anyone being mad at you. Ever.

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8. You offer up your awesome, roomy, AISLE seat for someone in need!

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9. When people ask you for a favor you always respond with an enthusiastic “YES” no matter how big the favor.

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10. Tbh, “no” doesn’t have a place in your vocabulary.

11. But “thank you” and “sorry” certainly do.


12. You’re the go-to person for when your friends want rides to and from the airport.

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13. You’re more concerned about everyone else’s well-being, rather than your own…

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14. …which makes you almost all of your friends’ emergency contact.

15. You are most definitely your group’s personal cheerleader…

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16. …often doing little things to make them feel better, when they’ve had a particularly bad day.

17. You arrive early to parties so you can help the host set up…

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18. …and leave late because you also help clean up, happily.

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19. You eat everything on your plate, even if it’s food you hate, out of sheer politeness.

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20. Your drunk personality is just your regular personality x 100.

20th Century Fox Marvel Entertainment / Via

21. And no matter what, you always see the good in people.

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