29 Freeing Truths Of Being A Low-Maintenance Girl

Not to be confused with being lazy.

1. All your pajamas are a bunch of raggedy, giant, freebie T-shirts.

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And that’s the way you like it.

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2. Your toiletries consist of no more than three drugstore products.

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3. You have a mini panic attack every time a friend asks you to tag along to Sephora or Ulta.

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4. And this is your personal hell. So. Much. Makeup.

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5. Because, for you, every day is No Makeup Monday.

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6. If you do wear “makeup,” it’s usually like, ONE thing.

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7. And lipstick? Na-ah. You prefer sticking to lip balm.

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8. You don’t believe in hair products or blow-drying or flat-ironing.

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9. You either just shake out your hair (on a good hair day)…

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10. …or you wear it in a ponytail (on a bad hair day)…

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11. …or you bun it (on a really bad hair day).

Eefje Gerritsjans / Via chapterfriday.com
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12. Outside of a regular trim, you consider salon visits pointless.

ICONIQ / Change Myself / Via coldmilk.co.vu

Sitting in a chair for hours while three people mess with your hair?! No thank you.

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13. And in the event that you did get a bad haircut, you just shrug it off.

Hair grows back.

ID: 3468919

14. Your idea of a manicure is keeping your nails neatly clipped.

Tasmai Uppin / Via BuzzFeed
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15. And you basically have a Ph.D. in getting dressed in 10 minutes or less.

VaselineUS’s channel / Via youtube.com
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16. Your jewelry collection consists of a few non-flashy knickknacks…

AfterTheLeavesFall / Via etsy.com

…because that’s all you really need.

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17. Shopping with your friends is an exercise in patience, because they will go to EVERY store and try on EVERY thing…

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18. …while you’re quite content with your old jeans and tees.

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19. When it comes to high-fashion brands, your primary emotion is indifference.

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20. That does not mean you don’t enjoy the occasional splurge…on sneakers.

Adafruit Industries / Via youtube.com

Not heels, though. Because yuck.

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21. You’re completely content staying home and binge-watching Netflix instead of dressing up for a night out on the town.

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22. But when you do go out, you aren’t picky about anything because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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23. Fancy events mean pulling out your nicest sneakers, tee, and skirt.

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24. Beer is your go-to drink. Good, old, casual, delicious, beer.

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25. TBH, your needs are fairly simple and easy to satisfy.

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26. Let’s not forget how easy packing is. You can fit all of your things in a single carry-on bag.

ID: 3471901

27. The word “picky” doesn’t exist in your dictionary.

Paramount Pictures / Via artofbeinghappy.blogspot.com
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28. And there’s just no room for gossip and drama and all that jazz.

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29. Basically, you know how to be ABSOLUTELY comfortable while rocking your personal style.

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So, cheers to being your low-maintenance, awesome self. You do you, girl!

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