21 Problems Only People In Vancouver Understand

“Is the city in despair… or film set?”

2. But whether it’s hot or cold, there is one consistent climate in Van City: rain.

3. Which means you often have this to look forward to all week:

5. You understand there’s a Vancouver Lululemon stereotype, but you are undoubtedly devastated when your favourite errand-running pair are ruined.

Or those TNA-yoga-pants-you-got-for-way-too-expensive.

7. (But you may or may not have been guilty of referring to a bike as a “fixie”)


8. The most first world Vancouver problem might be deciding which sushi spot to go to.


10. The mayor is most likely more handsome than your boyfriend.

The Morning Show / Via ca.news.yahoo.com

(Who’s recently become single, which has only made the already inappropriate thing you’ve had for him that much more inappropriate)

11. No one else in this world will quite understand how hardcore fog can be.

12. You know that suede shoes are worn scarcely and ever-so strategically.

13. Vancouver is the only place on Earth where you can find beautiful green landscapes on a sunny afternoon COMPLETELY COVERED IN SNOW.

(Shout out to the heavenly site of Nitobe Memorial Garden, though.)

14. Wreck Beach: having a nudist escape can be a liberating, but often, er, scarring, experience.

16. You’ve had to dodge potheads and weed sales on your lunch break during the annual 4/20 Vancouver festival.


18. Which also means you can never quite tell if your city has actually been destroyed, or you just walked on another movie set…

19. At one point or another, you’ve been adamant about distinguishing yourself from* a Torontonian.

*And by distinguishing yourself FROM, you meant distinguishing yourself ABOVE. Sorry not sorry.

20. Because as many grievances as you might have with the city and/or its extremely temperamental weather…

21. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and the downright best f***ing place on Earth.

Creative Commons / Flickr: zedzap


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