The 56 Most Underrated Moments In Beyoncé Music Video History

Duh, “Singles Ladies” was life-changing, but what about that champagne glass bubble bath though?

1. When Beyoncé shimmied in this iconic gold halter dress in 2003’s “Work It Out.”

ID: 3648330

2. When she seductively hula-hooped in a constellation of sparkle and shimmer.

ID: 3648325

3. When she truly WERKED IT OUT.

ID: 3648320

4. When she — in a skintight leopard jumpsuit — literally rode a giant black kitty cat for 2007’s “Kitty Cat.”

ID: 3619635

5. And then took it for a walk.

ID: 3619637

6. When she opened the first few seconds of 2007’s “Suga Mama” by puffing on a giant cigar like a boss-lady.

ID: 3647308

7. When she rode a metallic mechanic bull and glitter was everywhere.

ID: 3647355

8. When Beyoncé and her legion of women fabulously motioned the lipstick maneuver as they transitioned into their “freakum” dresses in 2006’s “Freakum Dress.”

ID: 3648333

9. And then walked down the runway in hers — AND DAT SLIT.

ID: 3648334

10. When she freakishly did this shimmy back bend while dancing in the sand in 2006’s “Deja Vu.”

ID: 3648362

11. And again on Jay Z, cascading off of him as he just casually stood there.

ID: 3648358

12. (And then there was this often-forgotten NSFW moment between them.)

ID: 3648357

13. When she managed this move in 2006’s “Check On It” and really spelled out what “dippin’ it” looks like.

ID: 3648374

14. When she gyrated in this totally and painfully mid-’00s outfit.

ID: 3648377

15. When she channeled the whole Nicki Minaj look first and romped around in a glittery pink leotard.

ID: 3648378

16. When she and her slinky abs debuted 2004’s “Soldier”* in this…special little number.

*We know, it’s Destiny’s Child, but it is still important to the Beyoncé-pedia of music videos.

ID: 3648416

17. When Bey, Michelle, and Kelly strutted with their dogs and showed everyone who was in charge.

ID: 3648417

18. And when Solange, who was pregnant at the time (!), came to support on set, and they rubbed her belly.

ID: 3648419

19. When she left her mark in bright pink lipstick in the opening of 2006’s “Get Me Bodied.”

ID: 3642202

20. When she entered the room sporting a ponytail that looked like it could double as a weapon.

ID: 3642231

21. When these men and women literally followed her at her feet.

ID: 3642246

22. And when she knocked ‘em dead like she DGAF.

ID: 3642331

23. When she spoke truth through her tears in 2009’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?

ID: 3641892

24. When she showed off proof that she’s the greatest in the most casual way.

ID: 3641957

25. When she was an angry housewife in killer purple lipstick.

ID: 3641986

26. And when she rocked the Bettie Page bangs.

ID: 3642010

27. When she raged in an oversize men’s button-up in 2006’s “Ring the Alarm.”

ID: 3642747

28. When she came from the shadows as the ultimate femme fatale in 2011’s “Dance for You.”

ID: 3642971

29. When she brought in the fans and no one could look away.

ID: 3643562

30. And when she put all other private dances to shame.

ID: 3643533

31. When she surveyed her kingdom like a majestic goth queen in 2013’s “Jealous.”

Columbia Records

Columbia Records

ID: 3659031

32. When she opened 2011’s “Love On Top” in these kicks.

ID: 3646799

33. And this hat.

ID: 3646804

34. When she had a row of babes following her every move.

ID: 3646807

35. And when her suit got sexier with each key change.

ID: 3646827

36. When she crumped it so hard as her backup dancers stood poised in 2008’s “Sweet Dreams.”

ID: 3648835

37. When she became the most angelic bionic woman.

ID: 3648833

38. Her dewey, fresh-faced close-up in 2008’s “If I Were a Boy.”

ID: 3637969

39. And when she fulfilled a fantasy we didn’t even know we had.

ID: 3643916

40. When she joined forces with Shakira for a surreal, shape-shifting dance break in 2006’s “Beautiful Liar.”

ID: 3644236

41. When she teased us with a pool party we all wish we were invited to in 2011’s “Party.”

ID: 3644012

42. When Solange showed up playing DJ.


Hi Solange!!

ID: 3643998

43. When bubbles never looked so amazing.

ID: 3643962

44. And when she danced with Kelly Rowland in a neon yellow fur coat plus RABBIT EARS?

ID: 3644051

45. When, while most of us remember her super-sexy diamond bralette scenes in 2003’s “Baby Boy“…

ID: 3655290

46. You might have forgotten her amazing break, when she belly danced for her life.

ID: 3655294

47. When she sashayed out of her red fur coat in 2011’s “Naughty Girl” like “I’ve arrived, bitch.”

ID: 3655311

48. When she was splashing around a bubble bath in a champagne glass.

ID: 3655319

49. When she looked like a super hero in her leather get-up and thigh-high boots in 2009’s “Green Light.”

ID: 3658751

50. When all of 2009’s “Me, Myself, and I” happened backward, and she was looking glamorous, strutting in reverse.

ID: 3655429

51. When Bey did this famous dra-ma-tic head bob.

ID: 3655431

52. And when she scolded and held these red drawers in front of her man, who was cheating on her.

ID: 3655437

53. When she had us wondering if this was a music video or a hair commercial in 2011’s “1+1.”

ID: 3658722

54. When she hypnotized everyone with just her right hand in the opening of 2008’s “Ego.”

ID: 3637718

55. When she whipped her curls back and forth like she was getting down to business.

ID: 3637738

56. And when she did this.

ID: 3637749

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