24 Undeniable Signs You Went To McGill

You know just enough French to get drunk.

1. You’ve skipped class — not because you’re a badass, but because it was too icy to walk to class.

2. And when you had to go to write an exam, you cursed underneath your frozen breath the entire way there.

3. You know what a “dep” is.

4. Because you’ve bought beer/wine at one when you were too lazy to go anywhere else.

5. You’ve celebrated at least one birthday at l’Acadamie.

7. You’ve also experienced the magical late-night munchie landmarks that are La Belle Provence and La Banquise.


10. You have no idea what your major requirements are because McGill admin are just as clueless.

(Shout out to alum William Shatner^^^)

11. You’ve either taken, or thought of taking, Terrestrial Planets ‘cause you heard it was a bird class.

13. You don’t remember frosh week at all, but you’ve got about a thousand shaming photo tags on Facebook to remind you.

14. And then there’s Carnival, winter’s frosh week, which really should be called SLOSHED WEEK AMIRITE.

15. The words “Stewart Bio” drudges up all sorts of terrifying memories.

(A real sign found on the building^^^)

(Or sometimes “5 to 7s” / “5 à 7”)

17. You’ve posed with the James McGill statue.

18. …and/or violated him.

19. You’re pretty sure you don’t know anyone who’s actually from Quebec…

20. Or speaks French…

At least fluently.

21. But you yourself know just enough of it to get a drink, a taxi or kicked out of a bar.

22. You’ve figured out the spotlight in the sky is not, to your disappointment, Batman, but the 737 nightclub.

23. You now live by the motto that if you can’t chug a beer, “you’re no fucking good to anyone”.

24. Because, as your four years have taught you, no one goes quite as hard as a McGillian.

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