These Fierce Baboons Are TERRIFYING

These baboons with Beyonce-fierce hair, are probably the most terrifying things you’ll see today.

1. Scary Hair Realness

This baboon screams after just having had his hair shampooed and blown dry.

2. Sasha. Freaking. Fierce.

“Is this my better side?” This horrifying baboon asks while his hair is graciously caught up in a gust of wind.


This savage baboon does NOT want to give you his hairstylists phone number so DON’T ASK.

4. One that looks kind of sweet and elderly

… but we totally know he’s hiding some deep, dark secrets in that hair.

5. Vicious Monster (with great highlights)

You can tell this baboon had to go through a LOT to get such great, contrasting colors.

6. Horrifying Alien-Monkey Screaming

Their lips actually FOLD BACK when they scream to make them even more TERRIFYING THAN THEY ALREADY ARE.

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