19 Signs You Are From Brooklyn

The County of Kings. Hipsters, go home.

1. When people ask you where you are from, you don’t say New York. You say Brooklyn:

Roc-A-Fella / Via

2. People who really are from Brooklyn know that hipster artisanal cheese nonsense has nothing to do with the real Brooklyn:

Sorry, Brooklyn transplants.

3. You refer to Manhattan as “the city”:

4. Sneakers hanging from power lines is your version of installation art:

5. Coney Island and Luna Park (forever Astro Land in our hearts) is your version of a beach vacation:

No matter how dirty the water is - Coney Island is a Brooklyn hallmark.

6. You spend summer nights at the Promenade:

7. And Prospect Park:

8. The skyline is pretty awesome. But the Kentile Floors sign is iconic:

9. You’re down to earth. That’s how your momma raised you:

United Artists / Via

10. But you secretly know you’re slightly better than everyone else ‘cause you’re from Brooklyn:

Def Jam / Via


11. There’s nothing like a Brooklyn girl:

Charles Hamilton/Interscope / Via

12. You can whip out a Brooklyn accent at a drop of a hat. But you tuck it away because it can come off too strong:


13. You’ve grown up seeing people from all walks of life. Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way:

14. You have a ridiculous amount of Brooklyn pride:



15. When the Nets came to Brooklyn, you obviously showed them love:


16. You gotta dance whenever you hear Biggie:

17. And Beastie Boys:

Def Jam/Columbia Records

Def Jam/Columbia Records


18. Brooklyn has a certain je ne sais quoi. When haters (cough Queens cough) ask what’s so great about Brooklyn — you say everything:

19. Even when you leave Brooklyn — it always stays with you. Because there really is no other place like it:

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