28 Ways To Trash Your Wedding Dress

Just say YES to wrecking the dress.

1. Have a paint fight and get colored from head to toe

ID: 1530467

2. Squeeze paint your heart out!

ID: 1530471

3. Find out what it’s like to be pretty in pink

ID: 1530549

4. Engage in a hardcore game of paintball

ID: 1530514

5. Roll around in the mud

ID: 1530475

6. Set fire to your dress while wearing it

ID: 1530478

7. Have a wild ride while waterskiing

ID: 1530489

8. Visit the pumpkin patch and carve a pumpkin

ID: 1530492

9. Smash some cake, sprinkle, and toppings all over yourself

ID: 1530494

10. Go on a zombie hunt

ID: 1530499

11. Swim in a swamp

ID: 1530503

12. Take a dunk underwater

ID: 1530506

13. Shower yourself with sparkle

ID: 1530511

14. Chill out on the wrong side of the tracks

ID: 1530519

15. Stand under a waterfall

ID: 1530521

16. Wear your dress while making snow angels

ID: 1530525

17. Become a grease monkey

ID: 1530533

18. Douse your dress in red wine

ID: 1530535

19. Get locked up at an abandoned penitentiary

ID: 1536064

20. Roll around in the weeds

ID: 1530544

21. Gallivant in the streets

ID: 1530539

22. Unleash your inner fairy in the forest

ID: 1530554

23. Relax by the seashore

ID: 1536042

24. Hit the hay

ID: 1536046

25. Tag yourself

ID: 1536050

26. Get down on the farm

ID: 1536052

27. Spend a lazy day at the junkyard

ID: 1536055

28. Get your carnival on!

ID: 1536062

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