28 Unicorn-Approved Rainbow DIYs

Rainbow crafts aren’t just for kids! From hip ROYGBIV fashions, to vibrant home décor pieces that pop, the color spectrum is making bold, modern-day DIY statements.

1. Wooden Floor Mat

ID: 1082292

2. Zipper Rainbow Pouch

ID: 1082294

3. Rainbow Tie Dye Socks

ID: 1082295

4. Rainbow Party Decorations

ID: 1082300

5. Colorful Spray Painted Folding Chairs

ID: 1082304

6. Rainbow-Wrapped Bangle

ID: 1082308

7. Rainbow Glitter Shoes

ID: 1082315

8. Rainbow wreath

ID: 1082317

9. Rainbow paper wall art

ID: 1082318

10. Perler Bead Earwires

ID: 1082322

11. Rainbow Faux Glass-Stained Windows

ID: 1082323

12. Rainbow Tape-Topped Table

ID: 1082325

13. Balloon Photo Backdrop

ID: 1082326

14. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake DIY

ID: 1082327

15. Rainbow Pom Pom Collar Necklace

ID: 1082328

16. Rainbow String Art

ID: 1082329

17. Canon 7D Camera by PJ Linden

ID: 1082355

18. Rainbow Bright Lantern

ID: 1082331

19. Rainbow Crocheted Necklace

ID: 1082334

21. Rainbow Flower Pot

ID: 1082338

22. Rainbow Sewing Spool Mirror

ID: 1082339

23. Colorful Yarn Gift Wrap

ID: 1082335

24. Rainbow Mosaic Paper Wall

ID: 1082343

28. DIY Rainbow Unicorn Poop Cookies

Oh, and the Unicorn approving all these crafts had to add this very personal DIY on the list. Shameless self-promotion.

ID: 1082348

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