20 Creative Credit Card DIYs

These cool charge card hacks & crafts will make you WANT to cut up your credit cards.

1. Earbud Holder

ID: 1130295

2. Mosaic Frame

ID: 1130284

3. Credit Card Phone Stand

ID: 1130283

4. Charm Bracelet

ID: 1130291

5. Sophisticated credit card bracelet

ID: 1130298

6. Repurposed Credit Card Necklace

ID: 1130303

7. Guitar Picks

ID: 1130306

8. Non-traditional Wreath

ID: 1130311

9. Credit Card Flowers

ID: 1130319

10. Memory Card Caddy

ID: 1130325

11. Pocket Stencil

ID: 1130329

12. Gift Card keychains

OK, so this isn’t a credit card, but gift cards often add more colorful and artful options for your card-cutting crafts!

ID: 1130336

13. Rainbow Card Wall

ID: 1130342

14. Credit Card Ring by Artist Kristal Romano

ID: 1130348

15. Credit Card Chevron Earrings

ID: 1130363

16. Chalkboard Garden Markers

ID: 1130370

17. Credit Card Guitar

ID: 1130380

I couldn’t NOT put this one on the list.

ID: 1130394

20. Mini Credit Card Planter

ID: 1130409

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