15 Crafts That Will Haunt Your Dreams

These arts and crafts are seriously twisted. Scroll at your own risk.

1. Shrunken Applehead dolls

An apple a day won’t keep the nightmares away.

ID: 1471374

2. Flower jewelry made from hair

Hair jewelry began to “fall out” of fashion in the late 19th century. Glad our era bit that bullet!

ID: 1471400

3. Baby Doll Appendage Coat Rack

At least it doesn’t have eyes to stare back at you, right?

ID: 1471408

4. Time out dolls

I dare you to put baby in a corner…

ID: 1471438

5. Doll Wine Glass

Perfect for your next baby shower!

ID: 1471454

6. Knitted Ski Masks

What’s exactly going on here?

ID: 1471458

7. Lady Gaga Cat Hairball

ID: 1471526

8. Teeth bangle bracelet

My what big teeth your bracelet has!

ID: 1477453

9. Head in a Jar

Leftovers are pretty scary.

ID: 1477462

10. Snake wreath

This wreath really hisses me off.

ID: 1477472

11. Clown wall art

Let the nightmares begin…

ID: 1477557

12. Homemade Chia Pet Head

This looks eerily like skin. Yikes.

ID: 1477505

13. Pickled Bums!


ID: 1477506

14. Tampon Angel Ornament

At least it isn’t using red glitter.

ID: 1477525

15. Lacy Litter Box

The cat may not be afraid of it, but I sure am!

ID: 1477531

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