25 Things Only Lazy People Will Understand

Because laziness is a lifestyle, not a choice.

1. Laziness is a real thing that happens to real people.

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Its a burden.

2. It doesn’t matter what age you are.

3. Making decisions can be very difficult.

What to do?

4. Saying “No” to plans is very easy.

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5. Like the easiest thing ever.


6. Sometimes its funny how easy it is.

Still no.

7. Being on time is a funny joke.

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Everyone needs to lower their expectations.

8. Ignoring people can be challenging.

Sometimes they just don’t take a hint.

9. But doing nothing is always the goal.

Live the dream!

10. Eating doesn’t have to be strenuous.

Try to move as little as possible.

11. Naps are the most important things…

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For health reasons.

12. …and can happen anywhere.

13. Sweatpants = wardrobe.

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14. Couches are the most undervalued members of society.


15. Exercise is a lot of effort…

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16. So it’s best to make it as easy as possible.

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17. Eating in bed a regular occurrence.

Crumbs everywhere.

18. Dropping the remote is the worst thing that could happen.

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Oh good, another TLC marathon!

19. You spend too much time reaching for things without moving.

20. Playing games isn’t really considered a “fun” activity.

Unless its a slice of pizza, I’m not getting up.

21. There really should have been a “not gonna do that” major.

Straight A’s for everyone! (Because the teacher is too lazy to actually grade.)

22. Waking up is the worst.

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Why does it happen so early?

23. It’s important to remember who you are.

Don’t change for other people, you do you.

24. Being at home is THE BEST!

No question.

25. There is no shame is being lazy.

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