18 Things That Are Easier Than Paying Off Student Loans

You laugh, but there are many things easier to do in this world than paying off those painful student loans. So. Many. Things

1. Becoming an “EGOT” winner (winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, & Tony)

So what if only 11 people in history have ever won the Grand Slam of show business? Still more achievable than being loan-free in your thirties.

2. Throwing a perfect game

Columbia Pictures / Via

It’s said throwing a perfect game is wildly difficult. But not the MOST difficult thing (#avoidingloanofficers).

3. Being more flawless than Beyoncé

Pretty self-explanatory.

4. Winning the Triple Crown

Universal Pictures / Via

It is literally easier to TURN INTO A HORSE, and then win the elusive Triple Crown than it is to pay off your student loans.

5. Breezing through the line at the DMV

CBS / Via

Because the DMV only staffs two people, one of whom must always be on break.

6. Finding an affordable apartment in NYC or SF

A cozy 1-bedroom in your price range? Good one.

7. Winning the Lottery

ABC / Via

Everybody gets a humpbacked whale!

8. Buying one thing at Target

NBC / Via

And NOTHING from the dollar section.

9. Not loving “Let It Go”

Disney / Via

Just try and be a hater.

10. Tightrope walking across the Grand Canyon.

Don’t worry, if you fall there is something waiting to catch you — it’s called the Grand Canyon.

11. Eating one Cheez-It

What do they put in those White Cheddar ones? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

12. Not clapping when someone says “Everybody clap your hands”


13. Hating Jennifer Lawrence

A famous celebrity who likes food, how could you hate her?

14. Understanding how taxes work

Do you even have money? WHAT IS MONEY?

15. Winning an Olympic Gold Medal

International Olympic Committee / Via

Just gonna casually take up competitive figure skating, BRB.

16. Waking up early and going to the gym before work

Columbia Pictures / Via

*hysterical laughter*

17. Having zero notifications on your phone

Not gonna happen.

18. Getting accepted into Hogwarts

Warner Bros. / Via

The dream of dreams.

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