16 Signs You Are Definitely Not Going Out Tonight

A wise man once said, “When there is pizza and Netflix, there is true happiness.” He was so wise.

1. You had a rough day.

blogs.ubc.ca / Via tumblr.com

Mostly because the day ended in a “Y”.

2. Your pants are already off.

CBS / Via http://photobucket.com

Instantly more comfy.

3. Your hair will just NOT cooperate.

ABC / Via http://wordpress.com

RIP comb.

4. You’ve made easily breakable promises to your friends.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via http://oopslive.com

Never commit to plans unless you can break them.

5. You’ve spent the last hour browsing Seamless.

NBC / Via http://heythatsmytoast.tumblr.com

Every pizza is a personal pizza if you finish it yourself.

6. You just realized your roommate is out of town.

20th Century Fox / Via hopkins-interactive.com

Just make sure you’ve locked all the doors. Twice.

7. You’ve already cracked open your first bottle of wine.

Columbia Pictures / Via http://tumblr.com

Emphasis on first.

8. Netflix is open and paused on your computer.

ABC / Via http://pllgifs.tumblr.com

Just one more episode, promise.

9. You remember you hate talking to strangers. Or people, for that matter.

NBC / Via http://blindfold.tumblr.com

Why can’t they just go away and leave me to my couch?

10. You checked your bank account recently.

NBC / Via http://tumblr.com

Does money actually grow on invisible trees? Because that’s the only logical explanation at this point.

11. It’s [insert any kind of weather phenomena here] outside.

20th Century Fox / Via http://tumblr.com


12. You haven’t gone to the gym recently. Or ever, really.

Paramount Pictures / Via http://imperial-bedrooms.tumblr.com

Do you even know where the closest gym is? Correct Answer: No.

13. You literally can’t find anything in your apartment.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via http://hpgifsforyourlife.tumblr.com

It’s probably buried in that mound over there. Best leave it be.

14. You skipped laundry day this month (year).

One day. Just not this day.

15. Or… you just did laundry and your sheets are way too comfortable for their own good.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via http://tumblr.com

Never leaving the bed again, FYI.

16. You are 100%, absolutely, definitely not going out tonight.

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