4 Differences Between Aardvarks And Anteaters

You’ve been mixing them up for years. And frankly, they’re sick of it.


First of all, the baby aardvark looks like a mutant pig from a planet far, far away.

The infant anteater, on the other hand, is born with extremely swollen eyelids and a toupee-like layer of fine hair upon its tiny skull.


Once aardvarks grow up and stop looking like total aliens, they dig holes in The Scrubs. The Scrubs are little areas where there are thickets of evergreens.

Anteaters, on the other hand, roam above the soil. They sometimes wallow in humid swamps, most of which are disgusting.


When the aardvark wants to sleep, it digs a hole.

When the anteater is tired, though, he does not care one bit about coverage. He just passes out wherever his massive anteater nose feels comfortable. He is vulnerable. But that’s ok, because true strength comes when we admit our vulnerability to ourselves and others.


Aardvarks have teeth that are shaped like fat tree stumps.

Anteaters, however, do not even have teeth. That’s why they have to suckle ants- they can’t chew anything else. Luckily, their tongues are the length of a jumprope.

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