You Need Marnie The Dog In Your Life Right Now

This dog is life-changing and you should start following her on Instagram at this moment and never look back. She’s even friends with Miley!

1. Meet Marnie.

ID: 2837088

2. She is a shih-tzu living in New York.

ID: 2837132

3. She is EXTREMELY fashionable.

ID: 2837124

4. Like, she can pull off anything.

ID: 2837170

5. WOW.

ID: 2837141

6. I wish I could pull off this look, but Marnie nails it.

ID: 2837144

7. I mean, just look at her runway strut!

ID: 2837156

8. And she is beauty-conscious as well.

ID: 2837138

9. She has excellent taste in literature.

ID: 2837093

10. But doesn’t eschew the joys of the internet, either.

ID: 2837128

11. Marnie is excellent at relaxing.

ID: 2837136

12. She hangs out with celebrities such as Lil Pete (Danny Tamberelli).

ID: 2837121

13. And Hannibal Buress!

ID: 2837206

14. And Sky Ferreira!

ID: 2837176

15. Marnie has great taste in music(ians). Here she is with Mac DeMarco.

ID: 2837193

16. Oh, and did I mention she is friends with Miley too?

ID: 2837196

17. She drinks responsibly.

ID: 2837150

18. But she loves to party!

ID: 2837217

19. All she wants is your love and affection.

ID: 2837147

20. And likes.

ID: 2837211

21. Marnie makes friends everywhere she goes.

ID: 2837162

22. She is just 2 cool 2 b 4gotten.

ID: 2837165

23. Won’t you let her into your life?

ID: 2837168

24. Follow Marnie on Instagram and make her part of your life.

ID: 2837203

25. Admit it: you need her.

ID: 2837209

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