30 Delightful Instagram Accounts That Will Bring Joy Into Your Life

Whimsical smartphone-tographers covering all of the important things in life: super cute kids, mouth watering breakfast, adorable animals, toy still-lifes, art projects, and more breakfast.

1. Samantha Lee

Follow on Instagram for the most adorable lunches on the planet earth.

2. Kazuko

Follow on Instagram for the ever important reminder that all babies should have cats to be best friends with.

3. Mami

Follow on Instagram to remember that your breakfast could probably be prettier.

4. Sweet Bento

Follow on Instagram to make your school lunches seem truly inadequate.

5. Erin

Follow on Instagram for this little girl, this amazing dog, and adorable handmade stuffed creatures.

6. Riho

Follow on Instagram for dispatches from a land brighter and more whimsical than your own.

7. Kotoritomakoto

Another day, another cute cat/kid combo. Follow on Instagram.

8. Maggydaisy

Follow on Instagram for pretty food AND a corgi – enough said.

9. Rinkonoco

Follow on Instagram for this little girl’s sartorial brilliance.

10. Shoc

Oh you know, if you like cute kids, corgis, and moomin crafts, you could follow on Instagram.

11. Tomo

Follow on Instagram if this dog and baby who are best friends seems like something you would enjoy. If not, what happened to your soul?

12. Junko S

Follow on Instagram for the food chronicles of two tiny stuffed bears.

13. Amtolula

Follow on Instagram for an appreciation of simple pleasures.

14. Alice & Roberto

Follow on Instagram for two ridiculously cute kids without any of the trouble.

15. Cotoline

Follow on Instagram for food that is so much more delectable than the stuff you’ve been taking pictures of.

16. Beta

Follow on Instagram for a frenchie living the good life.

17. Ida Skivenes

Follow on Instagram for the cutest plates in Norway.

18. Stéphanie

Follow on Instagram for adorable snaps from an adorable kitchen, via France!

19. Claire

Follow on Instagram for cute kidness and cute houseness.

20. I Love Playmo

Follow on Instagram if you’re into Playmobil, the best toys in the world.

22. Annette Pehrsson

Follow on Instagram for cats, breakfast, cats and breakfast.

23. JesusSauvage

Follow on Instagram if you like lovely assemblages of pretty things.

24. Oskar

Follow on Instagram for the inexplicable joy of seeing this cat on a leash hang out in the sunshine.

25. Miss Etc

Follow on Instagram for the happiest vegetables ever, among other delights.

26. Tournicote

Follow on Instagram for dolls and dreaminess.

27. H_kimuchi

Follow on Instagram for really, really happy food.

28. Carmyn Joy Effa

Follow on Instagram to live vicariously through this lady’s super-beautiful life.

29. Kebapala

Follow on Instagram for amazing baby landscapes!

30. Sue K

Follow on Instagram for an amazing girl and her adorable room!

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