30 Delightful Instagram Accounts That Will Bring Joy Into Your Life

Whimsical smartphone-tographers covering all of the important things in life: super cute kids, mouth watering breakfast, adorable animals, toy still-lifes, art projects, and more breakfast.

1. Samantha Lee

Follow on Instagram for the most adorable lunches on the planet earth.

ID: 943119

2. Kazuko

Follow on Instagram for the ever important reminder that all babies should have cats to be best friends with.

ID: 943225

3. Mami

Follow on Instagram to remember that your breakfast could probably be prettier.

ID: 943158

4. Sweet Bento

Follow on Instagram to make your school lunches seem truly inadequate.

ID: 943429

5. Erin

Follow on Instagram for this little girl, this amazing dog, and adorable handmade stuffed creatures.

ID: 943456

6. Riho

Follow on Instagram for dispatches from a land brighter and more whimsical than your own.

ID: 943494

7. Kotoritomakoto

Another day, another cute cat/kid combo. Follow on Instagram.

ID: 943559

8. Maggydaisy

Follow on Instagram for pretty food AND a corgi – enough said.

ID: 943575

9. Rinkonoco

Follow on Instagram for this little girl’s sartorial brilliance.

ID: 943597

10. Shoc

Oh you know, if you like cute kids, corgis, and moomin crafts, you could follow on Instagram.

ID: 943643

11. Tomo

Follow on Instagram if this dog and baby who are best friends seems like something you would enjoy. If not, what happened to your soul?

ID: 943657

12. Junko S

Follow on Instagram for the food chronicles of two tiny stuffed bears.

ID: 943697

13. Amtolula

Follow on Instagram for an appreciation of simple pleasures.

ID: 943718

14. Alice & Roberto

Follow on Instagram for two ridiculously cute kids without any of the trouble.

ID: 943753

15. Cotoline

Follow on Instagram for food that is so much more delectable than the stuff you’ve been taking pictures of.

ID: 943771

16. Beta

Follow on Instagram for a frenchie living the good life.

ID: 943783

17. Ida Skivenes

Follow on Instagram for the cutest plates in Norway.

ID: 943876

18. Stéphanie

Follow on Instagram for adorable snaps from an adorable kitchen, via France!

ID: 943902

19. Claire

Follow on Instagram for cute kidness and cute houseness.

ID: 943921

20. I Love Playmo

Follow on Instagram if you’re into Playmobil, the best toys in the world.

ID: 943956

21. Oana Befort

Follow on Instagram for art.

ID: 943976

22. Annette Pehrsson

Follow on Instagram for cats, breakfast, cats and breakfast.

ID: 944051

23. JesusSauvage

Follow on Instagram if you like lovely assemblages of pretty things.

ID: 944089

24. Oskar

Follow on Instagram for the inexplicable joy of seeing this cat on a leash hang out in the sunshine.

ID: 944096

25. Miss Etc

Follow on Instagram for the happiest vegetables ever, among other delights.

ID: 944155

26. Tournicote

Follow on Instagram for dolls and dreaminess.

ID: 944172

27. H_kimuchi

Follow on Instagram for really, really happy food.

ID: 944200

28. Carmyn Joy Effa

Follow on Instagram to live vicariously through this lady’s super-beautiful life.

ID: 944229

29. Kebapala

Follow on Instagram for amazing baby landscapes!

ID: 944340

30. Sue K

Follow on Instagram for an amazing girl and her adorable room!

ID: 944411

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