What Dating Is Like In Your Twenties

As told by TV, because how would we know how to feel without these shows?

1. In high school, relationships were easy…

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2. But now you’re an adult.

Sucks for you!

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3. Time for STAGE ONE of Young Adult Dating: Hit on Everyone in Sight.

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Step two: Awkwardly introduce yourself and your, er, interest.

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When they reject you, which is approx. 9/10 times, you’re totes cool with it.

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You decide to try online dating…

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Except all the people who write to you online are, uh, not your type.

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Your friends are starting to worry about you…

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Especially when you start coming on to them.

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10. You’ve finally made enough bad decisions to be ready for STAGE TWO: Your First Serious Adult Relationship.

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Just when you thought it was time to give up on dating completely because everyone is so shallow and terrible…

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You spy your “soulmate” for the first time.

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They agree to go out with you, and the two of you have your first AWESOME adult date!

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And juuuuust as soon as you’re happy, you are overcome by anxiety and self-doubt.

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You feel completely unable to express your true feeling to your new SO.

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And then when you finally do, it comes out all wrong.

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At which point, your “soulmate” is like…

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And then they actually break up with you, even though they “still love you.”

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19. Uh-oh, here comes STAGE THREE: Your First Huge Breakup.

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This is literally the worst thing that’s ever happened to you.

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You constantly think about begging them to come back to you.

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And you’re pretty sure you’ll never love again.

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When your friends talk shit, you actually defend the jerk who broke your heart.

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Til your ex announces they’re marrying the person they started dating right after you.

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And you realize that your friends are totally right.

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26. Sounds like you’re ready for STAGE FOUR: Forever Alone.

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There’s nothing wrong.

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The fact that you’re focusing on things other than dating is totally OK.

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Maybe all of these experiences have made you slightly bitter.

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You think that maybe you just need to broaden your social circle.

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Yep, definitely time to get back out there.

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32. Time for STAGE FIVE: Hooking Up with the Next Crazy Asshole You Meet.

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Maybe you can make the whole “no strings attached” thing work…

ID: 1097597

But naturally, you start developing feelings — you are a human!

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Still, this relationship is toxic and you know it.

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Finally, you end something on your own terms… because you have standards!

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37. THE FINAL STAGE is the best part of your twenties/life: realizing how awesome you are, with and without a relationship.

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Although you may still be…

ID: 1088746

You’ve learned a lot about yourself, the world, and doin’ it.

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Mostly that, no matter what happens, all of this crap makes for an excellent story.

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