The Queen’s Corgis Stole The Opening Ceremony Show

The Pembroke Welsh Corgis were featured in a skit featuring James Bond and the Queen herself — but no one was paying attention to those guys. Some background, animated GIFs, and reactions from around the web on the Olympicorgis: posted on

1. The Queen As A Young Princess

3. The Queen Feeding Her Corgis, 1976

4. The Queen and her Corgis in smilier days

5. The Young Queen At Her Desk

6. The Face Of The XXX Olympics!

7. Olympicorgi Fan Art

Twitter Loves Corgis

A source tells me Queen Elizabeth was offered trained Corgis for her @DannyBoyleFilm" target="_blank">">@DannyBoyleFilm appearance, but insisted on her own. #OpeningCeremony" target="_blank">">#OpeningCeremony

I want this opening ceremony to feature hundr-- NO, THOUSANDS -- of corgis running onto the field to do synchronized drills.

Also, if the opening ceremony was just an hour of royal corgis doing their corgi thing, I'd be totally okay. #London2012" target="_blank">">#London2012

Daniel Craig and corgis: it's like a fever dream of the best kind. #openingceremony" target="_blank">">#openingceremony

Aw, quit hating on the queen, you guys! She's 700 years old and just wants to get in bed with some corgis. #metoo" target="_blank">">#metoo

James Bond. And the Queen. And her corgis. THIS IS THE GREATEST FANFICTION EVER. #OPENINGCEREMONY" target="_blank">">#OPENINGCEREMONY

16. The Animated GIFs

20. Love You, Corgis!

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