The 29 Most Austin Things That Ever Happened

Keep Austin Perfect.

29. A Car2Go saying hello to this man riding a longhorn.

Level of Austin-ness: Eating breakfast tacos for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

ID: 1836415

28. This sign.

Level of Austin-ness: Going to Barton Springs for the afternoon and never getting in the water.

ID: 1840813

27. Riding the jackalope at The Jackalope.

Level of Austin-ness: Smoking pot with Willie Nelson.

ID: 1841351

26. Learning to hook ‘em at UT orientation, 1978.

Level of Austin-ness: Owning your own longhorn.

ID: 1840986

25. G-string yoga.

Level of Austin-ness: Winning Chicken Shit Bingo at Ginny’s Little Longhorn the first time you play.

ID: 1836435

24. This welcoming sign.

Level of Austin-ness: Going to The Grackle, Liberty, and Hole In The Wall all in one night, so you can check off the holy trinity of East Side King locations.

ID: 1841322

23. This creative solicitor.

Level of Austin-ness: Spending a couple nights sleeping on the drag just because your parents are bumming you out.

ID: 1841311

22. Neil deGrasse Tyson attending the University of Texas in 1980.

Level of Austin-ness: Getting to Franklin BBQ at 2 p.m. and finding out they still have brisket leftover.

ID: 1841295

21. This tag at Mount Bonnell.

Level of Austin-ness: Taking off work to “attend” SXSW without ever going to anything that isn’t a free party.

ID: 1836416

20. This date spot.

Level of Austin-ness: Going to BookPeople in the afternoon and then suddenly looking up from your magazine to realize it’s 11 p.m. and they’re closing.

ID: 1836454

19. Roky Erickson at Le Lollypop Club, 1965.

Level of Austin-ness: Appearing in Slacker.

ID: 1841261

18. This Snapchat.

Level of Austin-ness: Being vegetarian six days a week and driving to a different BBQ place every Sunday.

ID: 1840294

17. A werewolf playing violin and wearing a shirt that says “Party Girls Rock.”

Level of Austin-ness: Filling your entire fridge with Topo Chico.

ID: 1836427

16. Ginny’s rules.

Level of Austin-ness: Building your own kite for the Zilker Kite Festival and then getting so stoned that you forget what day it’s on and miss it entirely.

ID: 1840284

15. This stolen bike flyer.

Level of Austin-ness: Getting tears in your eyes when you drive past the corner of 6th and Red River where Emo’s used to be before it moved to Riverside.

ID: 1836375

14. The pregnant lady keychains at Toy Joy.

Level of Austin-ness: Suddenly realizing how much dog pee there probably is in “Barking Springs” and then getting in the water anyway.

ID: 1836448

13. When Ann Richards did a “No Talking” ad for The Alamo Drafthouse.

Level of Austin-ness: Actually knowing Betty Blackwell.

ID: 1836371

12. The Texas Track Club, 1964.

Level of Austin-ness: Going to a high school football game…of a high school you didn’t attend and don’t know anyone who does.

ID: 1841063

11. This van.

Level of Austin-ness: Calling Taco-Mex “Taco Window.”

ID: 1836436

10. The Hipster Trap.

Level of Austin-ness: Deciding, as an adult with no children, to get a season pass to Schlitterbahn.

ID: 1836446

9. Hank Hill + Horchata.

Level of Austin-ness: Being BFFs with Wiley Wiggins.

ID: 1840362

8. This Miata.

Level of Austin-ness: Spotting Robert Plant and Patty Griffin holding hands on South Congress.

ID: 1840873

7. An Austin police officer hanging out with Grumpy Cat during SXSW.

Level of Austin-ness: Thinking “Keep Austin Weird” isn’t weird enough.

ID: 1836374

6. Studying at the springs.

Level of Austin-ness: Making out in the red-carpeted upper loft of the women’s bathrooms at Donn’s Depot.

ID: 1840991

5. These T-shirts.


Level of Austin-ness: Making an elaborate diorama out of a brown paper bag for your Amy’s Ice Cream job application.

ID: 1841759

4. This stoned tortoise at Peter Pan mini golf.

Level of Austin-ness: Beating the Trudy’s two–Mexican Martini maximum by taking a cab to a different Trudy’s location.

ID: 1841362

3. Darryl’s statement of truth.

Level of Austin-ness: Drinking directly from the mini pitchers of beer at The Grand.

ID: 1840825

2. Ricky Williams teaching a yoga class.

Photo by Rodolfo Gonzalez / Austin American-Statesman / Via

Level of Austin-ness: Owning burnt orange formalwear.

ID: 1840690

1. And Leslie (RIP).

White Hot Phoenix / Via

Level of Austin-ness: Actually being a bat.

ID: 1842182

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