Snowstorm Nemo Texts From Worried Parents

Aw, they’re just looking out for you. Add yours in the comments below! posted on

Text from my mom: MAJOR MAJOR SNOW STORM COMING TO NYC. ARE YOU READY???? #dramatic" target="_blank">">#dramatic

Just received my fifth text in 24 hours from my dad concerning Nemo #OnlyTheParanoidSurvive" target="_blank">">#OnlyTheParanoidSurvive

My dad's texts are so dramatic "San plz no Lve dorm worst storm centry plZ plz San luvya -dad" there are so many things wrong with this text

My dad sent a text to ask if I was ready for the storm. I sent him back a pic of a ghostbusters poster. It's a confusing time for everyone.

@summeranne" target="_blank">">@summeranne my mom called me last nite to make sure i had enough food and wouldn't be driving. i'm 61 yrs old. yes, it never stops.

11. This mom has other concerns…

12. Oh, and Apple is totally a worried dad/mom as well:

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