Dads Recall The Memorable Moments Of Fatherhood

Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton asked dads on the street to describe their most memorable parenting moments. The quotes and accompanying portraits are funny, sweet, and moving. Happy Father’s Day!

Ong: “Memorable moments. Where do I begin?”

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Leblanc: “On Sundays I cook eggs for my kid. Good bacon. Butter toast.”

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Jay & Max: “Last week Max’s doctor asked him how he generally feels on a scale of 1-10, and he said 7. Then the doctor asked if he ever feels like a 10. He said: ‘When lying in bed with dad.’”

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Glenn: “For my girl’s second birthday we held a party. She fell asleep, so everyone went upstairs. An hour later we heard little footsteps. Lori appeared with the cake in her arms. But all that remained was a cupcake-sized cake; our hall was covered with crumbs.”

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Dennis & Ruby: “Not yelling as much as my dad. Doing it differently from how I was raised — a bit rough, frankly.”

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Nick: “One afternoon my son, two at the time, kept grabbing himself. My wife asked if he needed to go to the bathroom. He said no. But she took him to the men’s room and lifted him to the urinal. Nothing happened; she said push harder. He pooped on her foot.”

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Dave, Chauncey & Spencer: “The birds talk to me. If I’m sad, for example, they’ll say ‘How are you doing?’ or ‘Let’s go to the park.’ Chauncey is 16 and knows hundreds of words.”

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Wilber, Zavion & Zayla: “When I was young, my mom and dad died. These kids remind me of them. They’ve come back.”

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Jared & Eliza: “She locks eyes with me as I feed her.”

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