A Nice Day Doesn’t Mean You Have To Go Outside

Don’t let anyone nature-shame you! Be strong.

1. “Let’s go swimming, it will be a refreshing way to cool off!”

ID: 1167868

But really it’s like…

ID: 1171094

Ahhh, this is more like it.

ID: 1167945

2. “Walking around the neighborhood will be so fun!”

ID: 1160217

Yeah, and about 20,000 other people have the same idea.

ID: 1168032

You’d much rather have some peace and quiet.

ID: 1168035

3. “Let’s go get some sun!”

ID: 1160365

This can only end in horror.

ID: 1160350

This is what “laying out” should look like.

ID: 1165645

4. “Don’t you want to be out in NATURE?!”

ID: 1160299

You’ve seen this movie and it does not have a happy ending.

ID: 1170897

You’d much rather stay home and watch it on TV.

ID: 1165725

5. There’s so much beautiful life blooming outside!

ID: 1161424


ID: 1170916

Are they even serious with that?!

ID: 1165590

6. “It’s TOOOO nice not to eat outside today!”

ID: 1171302

Um, no.

ID: 1171320

Y’know where is a nice place to eat? Inside the house.

ID: 1172584

7. “Let’s try rock climbing! What an adventure!”

ID: 1172700

Actually, it’s scary as hell.

ID: 1172788

A cold beer and 400 channels > a terrifying “adventure.”

ID: 1173011

8. “Let’s relax in a beautiful green meadow!”

ID: 1173461

NOPE. Grass is super-itchy and uncomfortable.

ID: 1173453

Let’s just lay down right here, okay?

ID: 1173486

9. “You should start running! It will make you feel so good!”

ID: 1161236

Y’know what else feels good? Mimosas.

ID: 1167890

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