29 Reasons To Hate Your Life

You can thank Twitter for giving us these quality reasons to take our first world existences for granted. posted on

1. Because you are sick of it

I hate this life. Why? Because I’m sick of it. All my so-called friends are full of shit

2. Because you are being pressurized

3. Because you missed a spot shaving

nothing makes me hate life more then, when i miss a spot shaving my legs . makes me want to cringe .

4. Because they wont stop betray you and give lesson of life

I learnt alot, pls stop betray me and keep give me the lesson of life. Fuckoff. You made me hate my life .

5. Because it is extreme shit just now

6. Because no one is texting you

7. Because you just watched the Twilight Series

Just finished watching the Twilight Series and now I hate my life.

8. Because you’ve been up since 7:30

9. Because you just hate everything

10. Because of the ugly weather


12. Because you ate a big bowl of ice cream at 12am

Nothing says "I'm sad and hate my life" more than a big bowl of ice cream at 12am.

13. Because you haven’t eaten a chicken mini yet

14. Because of almost every decision you have ever made

i hate myself for almost every decision in my life i have ever made. i'm shit. 100% SHIT

15. Because you can’t ever sleep in

16. Because of your family

(Hey, Arino, if you are there and need to talk I am here to listen)

17. Because hamsters chewed through your black dip hem dress

Hamsters chewed through my black dip hem dress hate my life hate my hamster

18. Because they haven’t called yet

19. Because your mom blames you for everything

We are 5 fuckin girls in our family and my mom blames me for EVERYTHING!urgh I HATE MY LIFE

20. Because you can’t even right now

21. Because it’s the first day of school

22. Because you decided to wear a black coat, black shirt and black bra even though it’s 90 degrees outside

23. Because you fell out of your chair and broke your elbow

Broke my elbow last night because I fell out of a chair...hate my life

24. Because you just want some chocolate

25. Because of stupid sneezing

26. Because one of these kids has already tried to rip out your nose piercings

One of these fucking kids has already tried to rip out my nose piercings. I hate my life.

27. Because at certain points you seiously hate your life

28. Because you didn’t actually meet sage kotsenburg

Just had a dream I met sage kotsenburg. I woke up at home in my bed. I hate my life.

29. And finally, Because pwede bang mamatay nalang para wala ng problema

I hate my life seryoso. Pwede bang mamatay nalang para wala ng problema

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