What It’s Like To Be A Pro-Life Student

Ever feel like you’re the only pro-life student dealing with hardships? Let us tell you - you’re not alone!

1. Sometimes our fellow students can be downright mean.

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2. When it seems like you are the only student on campus that cares about preborn babies and women

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But then you finally meet other pro-life students

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3. What people think you believe:

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What you actually believe:

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4. How you feel when picked on by abortion supporting teachers

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But then you decide to take a stance for preborn babies & their mothers - no matter the cost

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5. When you try to have an intellectual conversation with abortion advocates and they show up like…

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6. When your school administration won’t approve your pro-life club because it’s “too controversial” or “illegal”

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7. When people claim that you are only pro-life “before birth” and don’t care about women

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But you love and care for both mother & baby!

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8. When you find out your hard work saved a life

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9. Remember…Students for Life of America is ALWAYS here for you!

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Find out more about Students for Life of America at www.StudentsforLife.org.

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