12 Reasons Why UCSB Is The Best UC

Rage. Study. Repeat.

1. The only school that is mistaken for a beach resort

ID: 1446351

2. #2 Research School in the World

ID: 1446424

3. The only UC that has “Being Beautiful” listed as a GE requirement

ID: 1446392

4. Where $14.00 nachos are worth every penny

ID: 1446434

5. Day drinking is a national holiday

ID: 1446450

6. Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Basketball Camps

ID: 1446459

7. Snappa

ID: 1446489

8. The original undie run

ID: 1446505

9. The concerts

ID: 1446531

10. Everyone still manages to graduate

ID: 1446548

11. The #1 Party School in the Nation

ID: 2652556

12. You probably were either personally victimized or entertained by Andre Theus at some point during your 4 years in attendance

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