Jamming In The Clouds

In clouds above the Heavens of Music in a passage called Jamclouds, jams are being created and expressed by Artists, shared by Critics, loved by Fans and gathered on Venues to create a Culture beyond the earthly greed. We are Jamclouds and we declare Sharing is Caring!

1. Collaborative online DAW in realtime, created by Jamclouds.

Since 2010 Jamclouds have been working on a collaborative web-studio where musicians can record, import, upload and edit in real time. It’s based on the latest technology in backend software which make it work like google docs but “studio style”.

2. On a mission to crowdsource amazing music

Jamclouds is as an online platform where musicians around the world can find each other, compose together in real-time and distribute their music to be discovered by critics, filtered by competitions and magnified by Jamclouds online services to become the exceptional talent for new fans to enjoy what otherwise may not have arisen in a more traditional music distribution. Already popular music will be offered on Jamclouds, but when future musicians become artists they will be offered a new, dynamic and interactive way of communicating their talent on an international scale, while making money. Lastly Jamclouds will further create opportunities for musicians by collaborating with festivals, venues and competitions that promote and support the music scene.

Many music distribution sites serve only the fans, or a combination of artist and fan.
Jamclouds serves the entire music industry by bringing together the (4) market audiences that interact on the Jamclouds platform: Artist, Critic, Organizer and Fan
Jamclouds platform, now in version 2, allows creators and critics of music (musicians and bloggers) to:
-collaborate in real-time in our proprietary web-studio where musicians can record, —import, upload and edit in real time
-create customizable landing pages for bands and artists
-discover other musicians to collaborate in live “sessions” or demos
-create different profiles
-read activity timeline
-send private messages
-receive recent taskbar activity notifications
-share song links
-moderate and run their own music-centric blogs and forums (think
-create demos from within the platform that can be easily published, promoted, and -shared with other networks, organizers, bloggers and fans

Jamclouds Platform Release 3 (slated for public release on April 13) will have a more outward focus on consumers and distributors of music:
-profile pages will be opened up gradually to fans and venues starting in February -until the May launch in a web 3.0 design,
-image flow gallery where any market vertical can upload music-related image
-graphics to be shared and “repinned.”
-Song voting competition to stimulate bandsand artists to join more opportunities for -paid or organic exposure and filter music to our streamplayer.
-live streaming video
-stream player

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