What a 90 Year Old Woman With Alzheimer’s Thinks of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Rose is a 90 year old music lover with lots of opinions. I play music for her, she tells me what she thinks, creating a blog called Still Feel Gone. The latest review is of Rebecca Black’s viral hit “Friday” Rose thinks: “I don’t like that kind of sound, not at all. There must be people who like it though. Oh no, this is ridiculous. This gives me a belly ache. I think they want you to be sick, I swear to you. There is such beautiful music out there, why would anyone want to listen to this. Oh it’s just horrible. UGH, I need to get up and get away from this.” (Rose got up to walk away and made a grab for the CD player in what could have been an attempted stereo-smash had I not intervened and unplugged it from the wall, thus stopping the music.)

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