The Ramones Reviewed by Rose - “Mishugina Music! How Come They Aren’t Musically Inclined?”

Still Feel Gone is a blog where Rose, a 90 year old woman with Alzheimer’s, shares her opinions on popular and indie music. She doesn’t hold back; there’s some pretty harsh and hilarious reviews of bands from the Beatles to Wilco, Springsteen to Mumford & Sons. Here’s what she thinks about the Ramones: “I Wanna Be Sedated” - Ha Ha Ha, turn that off! I wouldn’t buy that in a million years! Mishugina music! Oi! That gave me a belly ache! Who buys that, who’s buying that? I don’t know what kind of people, but people. “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” - It’s crazy. Tell them to get someone else to listen to this. What is it supposed to be? Well good, it has a good range. Do you like this? This is just nuts! I think we are way above that. I think it must be music for puppy dogs. “Cretin Hop” - I feel terrible, how come they aren’t musically inclined? God help me, I have a headache from that.

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